Well-being on Prescription for Amsterdam residents


Do you have physical or other problems and are you looking to feel better and more confident, but don’t know how? Then ask your GP for a referral to Well-being on Prescription!


What is Well-being on Prescription?

Doing things that you enjoy or find relaxing can make you feel physically better. For instance, picking up an old hobby or starting a new one, exercising or meeting people. Sometimes it can be difficult to do this on your own. A well-being coach can help you.


What activities are available?

There are a great variety of activities available in Amsterdam, from cooking, gardening and singing to book clubs, visiting museums, sports or dancing. A number of examples are given below. You will discuss what kind of activities you like doing with your well-being coach. There will always be an activity that suits you!


Sport and exercise

Exercise is important for people. Regular exercise is not only healthy for the body, it also makes people mentally stronger and more resilient. This includes a walking or cycling club, endurance training, fitness or exercise activities.

Mind and body

Mind and body work together. It is therefore important to pay enough attention to both, for instance, by taking Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung classes or a mindfulness course.

Art and culture

Looking at or listening to art and music, or making music or an artwork themselves, can make people feel better. This can include making music or going to a museum, concert or theatre together, or taking a drawing or painting class.

Discovering and doing

Many people feel happier when learning something new. For example, computer or language classes, or joining a book club or choir.

Tasty encounters

Many people enjoy preparing and/or having a meal together. Examples of activities: joining a dining club, cooking cafe or having a meal together with neighbours.

The power of nature

Many people thrive from being out in nature. This can include a walk in the park or gardening in the neighbourhood or vegetable garden.

Buddies / volunteering

Helping others makes people feel better. The well-being coach will help find suitable volunteer work. A buddy – to go out with on a regular basis – may be the answer if going to activities or group activities is still a step too far.

Referral to Well-being on Prescription

If you are interested in Well-being on Prescription, ask your GP or other healthcare provider (such as nurse practitioners, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and community nurses) for a referral.

You will not receive a prescription for medication or a referral to a specialist, but a prescription with a referral to a well-being coach.

Once you have received this referral, you will get an appointment with your own well-being coach.

Together with your well-being coach you will discuss what you would like to do. This may require more than one session.

The well-being coach knows exactly what activities are available in your neighbourhood and will help you find an activity that best suits you. Once you know what you want to do, the coach will also help you to register for the activity. The coach can accompany you on your first visit to the activity if you so wish. The well-being coach is there to help and guide you!


Please note: If you wish to qualify for Well-being on Prescription, please discuss this with your GP. A referral from your GP is required to help you further.